Aim & Scope

International Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities (IJRSSH) is an international journal exclusively catering to needs of people from all walks of life. To be specific, the journal aims to establish itself as a world-renowned research forum. This forum will have the collections of work from people from different background and exposure as International Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities (IJRSSH) believes in the amalgamation of variety of interest and outlook towards the enrichment of the present journal. Hence, IJRSSH ensures to cultivate the best talent and research-oriented environment that can be a facilitator in the process of bringing high standard, wherein people from all walks of life may be accommodated in the genesis of intellectual capital.

Thus, our journal, International Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities (IJRSSH) strives to ensure the attainment of the set targets and objectives in the days to come. Some of the prominent aims formulated are as under:

a) To establish itself as one of the best source for research-based innovations for Social Sciences, Humanities & Linguistics.

b) To become the leader in the world of journals in, reaching out to the end-user, thereby meeting the set objective.

c) To disseminate knowledge through the service of providing the access of resources to one and all thus, becoming knowledge-enabler and facilitator.

d) To be the No.1 choice of the research scholars, academicians and all those who are in the look out of quality-based research work in the realm of Social Sciences, Humanities & Linguistics.

International Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities (IJRSSH) foresees the future as a world to excel ahead of others, wherein the competition will become a very natural process to attain anything. In such a kind of stretched environment, knowledge and its apt application will bring solace to all those who possess and acquire it. All those who lag behind due to their mediocre attitude and also for contemplating the significance of knowledge creation and dissemination as low, are going to be the ones to fall apart. The adrenalin of knowledge-creation is nothing but break-through research.

Therefore, the inventiveness exhibited by International Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities (IJRSSH) must be congratulated and recommended for all the aforementioned good reasons. Definitely, the approach and aim of the journal promises to bring change in the society. Moreover, the society-building is the job of each one of us and that we are responsible and accountable for the rise and decline of the society. Better thinking, better ideas, better lifestyles; better amenities are all the part of serious concern needed to be taken care of. If we cease doing introspection, naturally all these will become stagnant. As a solution, research is the most viable option to mankind to constantly fuel the betterment of the people and society, at large.