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The IJRSSH, an open access peer-reviewed journal, is transforming into a cutting-edge transdisciplinary and transdisciplinary publication. The contents of the issues published thus far support its multi-dimensional, broad-based approach.

IJRSSH publishes both broad and comparative essays as well as essays on specific topics. Its regular features include shorter letters, review articles, and book reviews.

The journal's main goal is to publish high-quality research in the social sciences. The published research may use a theoretical or speculative model, as well as statistical and mathematical methods. Contributions from all domains that have relevant and interesting observations to offer on the social sciences are welcome.

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Khalid Sh. Sharhan (Ph.D.), Haidar K. Al-Ābedi (Ph.D.), Mazin Jasim Al-Hilu (PhD)

The paper investigates Iraqi college students’ writing performance at Imam al-Kadhum College to identify the problems students encounter with the hope of putting forward suggestions to overcome them. Twenty-five undergraduate students’ essays have been chosen as the data of the study. The essays have been examined at different levels starting with the word and ending with the discourse. Case study methodology is adopted in this research and this method is composed of four consecutive steps: the selection of sample, preparation of the students, and analysis of the collected data. The results of the analysis reveal that the students under investigation have problems at every level examined and such problems may be attributed to a number of factors such as low language proficiency, little reading and weak writing practice, overgeneralization and mother tongue interference. A number of suggestions and recommendations are given to improve the students’ writing skill.

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The impact of COVID-19 on Iraqi Stock Market: An Event to Study Methodology

Azzam Khalid Chyad, Assistant Prof. Dr. Ayad Taher Aljubori

The research aims to study the impact of the economic crisis caused by the Corona pandemic on the Iraqi stock market by studying the event, specifically the impact of two pandemic events on the returns and volume of shares circulation, for companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange across sectors (banks - communications - insurance - services - Industry - Hotels and Tourism - Agriculture), and the Iraqi market for financial stocks represents the place of application, while the market sectors, which number (7), represent the research community, and the sample of the study of the impact of the pandemic on the market index, companies included in the Iraq Stock Exchange Index (SIX60) which Its number reached (60) companies from all market sectors, while the sample for studying the impact of the pandemic on the sector’s returns and trading volume in them was (102) companies representing all companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange.                          

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