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Volume: 10 Issue: 4

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1. (Entrepreneurial Performance Based on Leadership Intelligence) Analytical Research in the Ramadi Municipality Directorate
Qusay Khamees Khalaf, Supervised by: Prof. Fadheela Salman Dawood
2. Violating and Flouting Grices Cooperative Principles in Millers Play : Death of the Salesman
Bushra Farhood Khudhaiyer Al-Aameri, Prof. Dr. Abdulkareem Fadhil Jamil
3. The Correlation Between Iraqi EFL University Students Working Memory Capacity and their Language Proficiency
Shaymaa Abdul Hussein Al-Mutalebi, Asst. Prof. Dhea Mizhir Krebt. Ph.D.
4. Main Challenges Encountered by Students in Learning English as a Foreign Language
Issa Safaa Issa Al-Khalidi
5. The Role of Strategic Orientation of Servitization on the company performance: Analytical Research in Baghdad Electricity Distribution Company
Montaha Ali Shifi, Assis. Prof. Dr Saadoon Muhsin Salman
6. The Role of Knowledge Management in Processing of Informational Uncertainty of Managers
Researcher Ahmed Ghazi Mahdi, Researcher Luma Qays Raoof, Researcher Hatem Ali Ramadhan
7. The Influence of Audit Team and Inner Audit Features on Inner Audit Quality and Audit Fees
Omar Turki Hazzaa
8. Attitude of School Community towards the use of Sign Language for Instructional Purpose
Wondwosen Mitiku, Bizuhan Balew
9. Application of Some Lean Production Tools to Improve the Production Process - An Applied Study in The General Company for Food Products/ Yogurt Factory
Waffa Talib Al- baher, Assis. Prof. Dr. Hala Hamad Magod
10. The Role of Shared Governance and Strategic Awareness in Reducing Barriers to Achieving Strategic Objectives- Field Research in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Ibtisamah Raad Ibrahim, Salah Abdelkader Al-Nuaimi
11. The Impact of Continuous Improvement Process in Achieving Tourism Organizational Excellence - An Exploratory Study at the High Commission for Hajj and Umrah in Iraq
Hussain Abbas Jaber, Assistant Professor Dunya Tariq Ahmed
12. The Impact of the Entrepreneurial Capabilities of Tourism Human Resources in the Performance Evaluation Process Applied in a sample of tourism companies registered on the Iraqi Stock Exchange
Rawad Hekmat Elias, Assistant Professor Dr. Dunya Tariq Ahmed
13. Reflection of Strategic Behaviors in Scenario Planning
Assistant Prof . Hussein Waleed Hussein, Assistant Prof Dr. Abdulnaser Alag Hafedh
14. BOOK REVIEW: Managing in the next Society By: Drucker, Peter, F Published by: Elsevier, 2002; 2007
Saja A. Ibrahim, Rasha H Abbood
15. The Impact of Transformational Leadership Practices on Achieving Strategic Innovation - Analytical Research in the Ministry of Education
Prof. Dr. Ghani Dahham Al. zubaidi, Sana Hamid Idan Al-Mashhadani
16. The Role of a Protean Career in High Performance
Ali Adnan Hasan, Pro. Dr. Ali Hasoon Altaee
17. The Effect of Applying International Accounting Standards on Accounting Values in Iraq (Experiences of Some Countries): A Review
Khudair Majeed Allawi, Hussein Hoshan Jarullah, Alaa Saleh Abdallah
18. Problematische Übersetzung der Periphrase als Stilmittel im Deutschen und im Arabischen eine kontrastive Studie
Vorgelegt von Assit. Prof. Maysoon Ali Rzooqi
19. Kopulative Konjunktionen im Deutschen und Arabischen
Vorgelegt von: Hochschullehrerin Afrah Majeed Hadi
20. The Role of Oral Tradition in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony
21. The Role of The Employee Succession System in Developing Human Resources
Mohammed Khalaf Hasan Al-Muttairi, Prof. Dr. Nadhum Jawad Abid Al-Zeidi
22. The Role of Strategic Vigilance in Applying the Porter Model of The Five Forces in A Sample of Private Hospitals
Habib Marouh Nasser Al-Yasiri, Ahmed Ghazi Mahdi Al-Yasiry, Asmaa Habib Nehme
23. The Extent of The Availability of Requirements for Administrative Development and Change Management in Commercial Banks - An Exploratory Study of The Opinions of a Sample of Department Heads and Workers at The Middle East Investment Bank of Iraq
Assistant. Sanaa Rashid Muheisen, Assistant. Zainab Hamid Kate
24. Birth and Growth of Semiotics
Zinah Abbass Dweich, Iman M. M. Muwafaq Al Ghabra