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Current Issue : Volume: 11 Issue: 4 2021

Research Article

 Page no: 001-020

Organizational Socialization and Its Influence on Organizational Virtuousness by Intermediating Spiritual Capital

Safa Abbas Mohsen Oraibi, Prof Dr Hadeel Kazem Saeed

The aim of the current research is to test the relationship of organizational socialization influence as an influential variable in Organizational Virtuousness as an affected varia...

Research Article

 Page no: 021-049

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Negative Propaganda in Selected American and Chinese Channels: (COVID- 19) as a Case Study

Muhannad Abd Al- Rhda Aubadi, Prof. Abd Al-Kareem Fadhel

Propaganda has important power as a product of modern media (social media, satellite television, the internet). Those means enhance the fast spread of information, n...


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