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Designing a System for Diagnosing and Rehabilitating Postural Deformity to Rotate the Shoulders for Students Aged (11-12) Years

Dr Salah Mahmood Salman

Volume: 11 Issue: 3 2021


By observing the researcher and reviewing the reality of the educational process, he found that there are some deviations and morphological distortions, which lead to severe deformities if left undiagnosed, their severity and degree, and the development of special programs to rehabilitate them and return them to their normal, anatomically recognized position, including the rotation of the shoulders forward, so the researcher decided to use the Salah system to diagnose Rehabilitation of deviations and morphological distortions equipped with rehabilitation exercises for targeted deformation and appropriate for the ages of the research sample. The research aimed at designing a system for diagnosing and rehabilitating postural deformity to rotate the shoulders at the age of (11-12) years. The researcher assumed that there are statistically significant differences between the tribal, inter- and dimensional tests of morphological deformation and in favor of the post test. The researcher also used the experimental method in a one-group style with a pre-, inter- and post-test on the research sample in a deliberate way represented by (11) students in the first grade of primary school who had a deformity in the rotation of the shoulders of a medium degree. After applying the qualifying approach, the researcher reached several conclusions, including the effectiveness of the system In the detection of postural deformities, the roundness of the shoulders in the upper region of the body and their classification into simple, medium and severe, the effectiveness of corrective exercises on correcting the deformity of the rotation of the shoulders of medium degree.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v11i03.037

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