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Dr. Geetika Singh, Dr Sushma Yadav

Volume: 3 Issue: 1 2013


Home Science is a science as well as an art which is built upon many disciplines for the purpose of achieving and maintaining the welfare and wellbeing of home and family life in an ever-changing society. It is a field of study which draws upon many disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics, Human Physiology, Biology, Hygiene, Economics, Rural Development, Sociology, Community Living Art etc. Home Science is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge with focus on Food & Nutrition, Fabric and Apparel Designing, Human development, Resource Management etc. Earlier it was used to obtain scientific information to cope with day to day problems of life. However, in recent times, awareness in regard to these areas has taken up an accelerated path with the understanding of scientific knowledge and its application in daily life. In present time, new trends in Home Science and its relevance with current job scenario in diverse fields such as: - Catering, Confectionary and Bakery, Food Preservation, Counselling, Interior Designing, Dietetics etc.

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