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Tagore-A Visionary Post-Humanist: A Reading of Tagore’s Poetry from Ecocritical Perspectives

Dr Vikas Sharma, Alka Sharma

Volume: 12 Issue: 3 2022


The paper analyses and discusses the Posthuman theory, which emerged after the breakdown of humanism so well celebrated since the advent of the Renaissance in the western world. The depletion of ecology, the problems like ozone layer pilferage, global warming, glaciers melting, sea level rising and resultant danger to humanity have been traced to the over importance given to the human entity and how humans exploited everything around them and consumed nature and animal kingdom. This dented nature and started a vicious circle where sustainability has become the victim. This paper looks at Tagore's poetry as a provider of the same solution that post-humanists are reaching after a hundred years or so. Hence proving Tagore to be a visionary writer.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v12i03.005

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