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Election Results in the Iraqi Press: A Comparative Analytical Study for Al-Sabah, Al-Zaman and Al-Sabah Newspaper

M. M. Ibtihal Jassem Rashid

Volume: 12 Issue: 3 2022


The press is the fourth authority, due to its active role in disseminating knowledge, awareness and enlightenment of all events that are going on around it, whether at the local or regional level. Therefore, it represents the profession of a person who collects news and opinions to publish them in a newspaper that includes topics of multiple interest, due to the wide variety of newspapers and their wide spread. After 2003, since that period, general newspapers addressed to the public, independent newspapers, and private newspapers affiliated with a particular party or current appeared, and each type has its own policy for dealing with daily events and facts. This study aims to know the results of the elections in the Iraqi press - a comparative analytical study between the governmental Al-Sabah newspaper and Al-Zaman and Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed independent as a model. In 2021, using the analytical descriptive approach, the comparative causal studies approach, and the content analysis method, to analyze the main categories of election results and then categorize them into sub-categories in statistical tables explained by the data in order to compare them among other categories, conclusions and recommendations. Therefore, this research is divided into three sections: where the first topic dealt with the methodological framework, including the research problem, its importance, objectives, limits, sample, methodology and analytical units, while the second topic talked about the concept of journalism in language, terminology and law, in addition to its factors, tasks, importance, characteristics, forms, types, ownership and functions of the third topic. Finally, it dealt with the practical side of the election results in the Iraqi newspapers, categorizing the analysis of each newspaper separately, its main and sub-categories, using statistical tables based on counting operations, calculating frequencies, percentages, and ranking, explaining its results and data, deducing the existence of a significant correlation with statistical significance among the categories of election results in the three newspapers.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v12i03.014

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