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The Effect of Organized Crime on Good Governance in Nigeria

Rufus Aisedion, Osimen Goddy Uwa, Aderemi Opeyemi Ade-Ibijola

Volume: 12 Issue: 3 2022


The security, economic, social and political disruptions of the state induced by the activities of organized crime has weakened the state’s authority to carry out its expected functions of good governance. In Nigeria, the illegal activities of criminal cartel groups affect government’s resources and its ability to enhance the welfare, basic human needs and living standard of its citizens. The criminal cartels who in their corrupt practices penetrate political offices to wax their influence, strengthened by the integration of security agencies and judicial organs of the state to shield their illegal activities carried out by violence or threat of violence have become a course for national concern. This is why urgent attention needs to be taken to address the menace. It is against this background that the paper examined the impact of organized crime on good governance and also to proffer ways the menace can be reduced to the barest minimum. The paper adopted the bureaucracy model of organized crime since it is organized like a conventional bureaucracy pyramid shape with members in hierarchical leadership through which its activities are carried out. The paper utilized secondary sources of data and was historically analyzed. The findings of the paper revealed that the ill activities of organized crime undercut government’s transparency, accountability, popular political participation and ability to harness resources for the well-being of the citizens. It is also observe that the infiltration of organized criminals in public affairs subverts government’s welfare policies of its citizens, due to gross corruption all over public office, among others. The recommendations include inter alia: That political and economic agencies should beef up their administrative tentacles and arsenals to stem the tide of organized criminal cartels, leaders should muster the political will to restrict people from lifestyles that encourages organized crime, the government should ensure that welfare dimension of human needs is provided to attract citizens’ patriotism to shun criminal groups and their activities, among others.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v12i03.030

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