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The Impact of Creative Leadership on Empowering Human Resources: Analytical Research in Some Colleges of University of Baghdad

Dr. Ali Hassoon Fendi, Israa Najm Abdullah

Volume: 12 Issue: 3 2022


The current research focuses on testing the role of creative leadership and its necessity and the extent of its contribution to the effect to achieve the empowerment of human resources in the organization independently for a sample of the leaders of the University of Baghdad, as well as diagnosing the extent of the research sample’s interest in research variables and its dimensions, as the indicative variable of creative leadership consists of five dimensions (sensitivity to problems , originality, fluency, flexibility, perseverance and risk), and the responsive variable is the empowerment of human resources from three dimensions (information sharing, knowledge possession, freedom and independence), The researcher used the questionnaire as the main means of data collection, and she employed the descriptive analytical method as a research method. The research sample included (84) individuals from the senior leaders in colleges, and the main research tool (the questionnaire) was distributed to them to survey opinions about the variables, where the research community was (91). ), the researcher distributed (91) questionnaires, and received (84) questionnaires valid for statistical analysis, and the data were analyzed using the statistical programs V24- Amos and the statistical analysis program SPSS- V24, , with the adoption of descriptive and inferential statistics methods represented by a number of statistical programs that were extracted from these programs (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, simple correlation coefficient, simple linear regression (Pearson), frequencies and percentages, Komogorove-Simirnov test, coefficient ( Alpha Cronbach), confirmatory factor analysis) to extract the results, and the researcher concluded that there is a correlation and impact of creative leadership in empowering human resources.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v12i03.034

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