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Social Capital Cracking: Article Review

Dr. Mohsin Rashed Musaheb, Dr. Alyaa Jassim Mohammed

Volume: 12 Issue: 4 2022


The researchers aimed from reviewing the current article to review the philosophy of social capital and go into its details, which has become difficult to measure correctly and accurately, as it is represented by a social philosophy that is frequently talked about in theorizing and it is difficult to put real mathematical numbers that research studies can give an accurate description, as it represents the real wealth that It can be invested and employed to reach advanced stages of relationally sustainable development through a social culture that depends on the superstructure (beliefs, philosophy, laws, strengthening identity and belonging, promoting community culture), as well as providing a network of social safety and planning for the renewal of rules (scientific research, social services, communicative public facilities). It was to build the social fabric and social networks, which have failed in the presence and increased by default within the imagination of individuals and settled in their behaviors. Then they are preserved, and social relations may be cracked, so societal crimes appear that represent a deviation from the norm and deviation from the context and take socially unacceptable paths. And moving away from the language of tolerance, which leads to the dissolution of work ties, and the decline in the quality of life of the individual from his personal perspective, and social capital may be exposed to violent shocks that change its course, which was characterized by stability and stability when societies and organizations were characterized by simple technology, and when technology became complex It is of high complexity, and family relations have moved from the limited to the counted, and from the counted to the exhibited, so that the weak can be mastered. For souls by exploiting and investing it for the benefit of themselves infected with the disease of deviation and moving away from achieving the human goal in social communication, and the ability to achieve social needs between individuals, sects and races, to establish a cultural difference that fragments and fragments the fabric that unites man with his history and belonging to the homeland, society and family, and reluctance to exchange information, integrate and contain others.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v12i04.023

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