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Overlapping Waves Strategy and Its Impact on Strategic Success

Karar Abdul-Hussein Ajimi, Prof. Dr. Suhair Adel Hamed

Volume: 12 Issue: 4 2022


The current research aims to diagnose the reality of the intertwined waves strategy and strategic success in the General Company for the Automotive Industry and Equipment, one of the formations of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, as well as to identify the levels of availability and employment to be more appropriate to the reality of development in the company and what is required of it in light of the current industrial environment in Iraq, and the independent variable was measured (The overlapping waves strategy) through its dimensions and the dependent variable (strategic success) and its dimensions. In collecting data and information from the practical side, the researcher relied on the scientifically controlled questionnaire as a research tool, which was prepared and distributed to the researched company, As well as providing it with field interviews conducted by the researcher with the sample members, as the researcher relied on the descriptive analytical approach in analyzing the data, and the dimensions were covered through (38) paragraphs included in the questionnaire, and (118) questionnaires were valid for statistical analysis, and for that purpose, a stratified sample was chosen from ( Managers, assistants, department heads, division officials) working in the company, the data was analyzed by using a set of statistical methods (arithmetic mean, Pearson correlation coefficient, confirmatory factor analysis, standard deviation, simple and multiple linear regression), The results were extracted using computer programming (SPSS v.24, Excel, Amos v.24, and the research came out with results, the most important of which is the weakness of the policy of incentives and high rewards for workers adopted by the management of the General Company for the manufacture of cars and equipment, which weakened their motivation to complete their work with high quality and the required speed. Urgent by the management of the General Company for the manufacture of cars and equipment to determine the powers entrusted to the employees of the company and the responsibilities of each one so that each worker determines his work and is responsible for the errors that occur or the optimal achievement of them and the appropriate interconnection between the members of the work teams.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v12i04.028

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