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Strategic Physiognomy and its Impact on Organizational Sustainability

Anfal Nufal Abd Ali, Prof. Dr. Suhair Adel Hamed

Volume: 12 Issue: 4 2022


This research aims to test "the relationship between with Strategic physiognomy its dimensions (empowerment, inspiration, deep understanding) as an independent variable and organizational sustainability with its dimensions (social sustainability, economic sustainability, environmental sustainability)" as a respondent variable in the Diyala State Company and the General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industry, In order to explain the relationships and links between the research variables, a set of objectives was formulated, including the presentation and analysis of indicators of strategic physiognomy if they exist in the researched companies,and their role in achieving organizational sustainability in those companies. For this purpose, a number of hypotheses were formulated, the most important of which was to find a correlation and influence (for strategic physiognomy and its dimensions with organizational sustainability and its dimensions) and to achieve hypothesis tests. General Electric and Electronic Industries, for being vital companies and in direct contact with the desires and needs of the community. The number of them is (158) people, and the data was collected through a questionnaire and personal interviews with a number of managers and heads of departments, and the researcher adopted the descriptive analytical approach in completing this research, and a number of statistical methods were used, including: the arithmetic mean, percentage, standard deviation, To describe the research sample, the simple linear correlation coefficient (Pearson) to test the validity of the correlation hypotheses, and the simple and multiple-choice linear regression validity of the effect hypotheses, and the data was analyzed through a set of statistical programs (Microsoft Excel, SPSS V24, AMOS V24, . The most important conclusions reached by the researcher were: There is a significant impact of strategic physiognomy in terms of organizational sustainability, which indicates the essential role of strategic physiognomy in achieving organizational sustainability within the companies surveyed. The research concluded with a set of recommendations, the most important of which are: Increasing interest in the concepts of strategic physiognomy and organizational sustainability in the researched companies for their active role in the sustainability and growth of companies and maintaining the market share in the local environment and conducting seminars and workshops on strategic physiognomy and organizational sustainability and showing its importance in the ability of companies to adapt to the changes that occur in the environment of Iraq.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v12i04.031

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