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Golden Behaviour of Leadership and its Impact on Achieving Organizational Commitment: An Exploratory Study for Opinions of a Sample of Managements of Tourism Private Companies in Baghdad

Jakub Safar Ali

Volume: 12 Issue: 4 2022


The research aims at several goals, most notably building a golden leadership behavior model for the departments of the organizations surveyed based on the practical results of the study of each variable, and according to the compatibility shown by those results, by testing the correlation and influence relationships between the types of golden leadership behavior and organizational commitment, and the research problem is crystallized through The data of the overall performance of the tourism companies, which indicate, in their general framework, a state of decline in the level of outputs, which many specialists see as dependent on the behavior of the leaders of these companies characterized by monotony, non-renewal and the adoption of the same traditional mechanisms, which is directly reflected in the level of what the staffs working in these companies provide. From the state of organizational commitment towards the strategic programs and objectives set, and the research sample was represented by (106) observations from the operating departments in a sample of tourism companies operating in Baghdad. Their opinions were surveyed through a form prepared for this purpose and subjected to analysis through statistical mechanisms. Working in tourism companies, the research sample to choose the appropriate and effective objectives, and Developing methods and techniques successfully to absorb knowledge and embody it by linking the various contextual knowledge accumulated with global knowledge, based on achieving the dimension of wise behavior in the first place, while one of the most important recommendations of the research is the necessity of working through awareness sessions, quality seminars, seminars and direct meetings with workers to build a solid base of Organizational culture puts tourism work in companies in a privileged position within the psyche of working individuals in order to enhance the state of organizational commitment, as work in the tourism sector is characterized by the feeling of its workers in what is known as Low Status or low status, and therefore its constant endeavor to leave it to other professions or to other organizations.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v12i04.032

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