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Diagnosing the Level of Application of Organizational Prosperity in the Anbar Health Department

Dr. Alyaa Jassim Mohammed, Karim Nadhim Mansour

Volume: 12 Issue: 4 2022


The current research aims to diagnose the level of interest of the Anbar Health Department in the application of organizational prosperity and to identify its sub-dimensions, the most prominent of which are interest and agreement by the sample, and to come up with a number of recommendations that contribute to improving its practice and adoption of these dimensions, And based on the novelty of the variable and its urgent importance to the department and its members on the one hand, and the community on the other hand, the researcher adopted the descriptive, analytical, exploratory approach in its completion, as the research community consisted of the department’s leaders (97), and the questionnaire was distributed to them, so that the researcher retrieved (94) from it. The valid one for statistical analysis was (92), which is the research sample, The questionnaire was supplemented with limited data, observations and interviews, while the research used statistical programs (SMART PLS V.3.3, SPSS V.28), to analyze primary data, with the adoption of descriptive and inferential statistical methods. The statistical analysis showed a number of results, the most prominent of which was the interest of the Anbar Health Department in organizational prosperity, as the variable obtained a calculated mean of (3.89) high-level, as well as adopting organizational capabilities first when targeting to improve the level of organizational prosperity.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v12i04.035

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