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Dr. Neeraj Kumari

Volume: 1 Issue: 2 2011


According to Vedas it is told that we have to make the whole world Arya. But often people consider the word Arya as a caste indicator word which is a lie and a complete lie. This word is not a caste word, but it is a quality word that makes us understand the quality of a human being. At present, ignorance of knowledge is the fault of the society. According to the Vedas it is clear that Brahmins are Kshatriyas and Vaishyas are Aryans and Shudras are non-Aryans. Shudra does not define any community or society. Shudra means one who is not superior in qualities and whose qualities are insignificant. That is, on the basis of qualities and deeds according to the Vedas, if an Arya is born in a Brahmin clan, Chhatriya and Vaishya, and that person Even if he is not superior in qualities and deeds, he will be included in the category of non-Aryans. According to Vedas, if Shudra can become Brahmin and Brahmin can become Shudra, Kshatriya Vaishya can also achieve varna change in the same way. Moreover, if a Dasyu, that is, a Shudra also starts doing good work, then he will come in the category of Arya.

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