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The Impact of Strategic Foresight on Organizational Sustainability

Hameed Ali Hameed, Prof. Dr. Hadeel Kadem Saeed

Volume: 12 Issue: 4 2022


The current research aims to diagnose the impact of strategic foresight in achieving organizational sustainability at Al-Wasit Refineries Company - Al-Dora Refinery, as well as knowing the level of interest and adoption of the research variables in the researched company, and the recentness of the variables dealt with, which received wide attention as one of the topics affecting the future of organizations in general and based on the sensitivity of the sector in which the research is conducted and the researched society, and in order to explain the relationships between the variables, the main hypothesis of the research was formulated, which indicated the lack of moral impact of strategic foresight in organizational sustainability, and in order to test it, the researcher resorted to choosing the analytical descriptive approach to complete the research through the use of the questionnaire as a main tool in it, which was distributed in the company, the research community, while the sample was a purposive stratified sample comprehensively confined by (352) individuals represented by the positions (general manager, assistant general manager, directors of agencies, directors of departments, officials of divisions) and from which the data of the questionnaire were collected that it included (59) paragraphs through them, after the researcher distributed the questionnaire to all members of the sample, while the valid ones were for analysis. And the retriever (312), in addition to using observation and field observation as auxiliary methods, to analyze these answers according to a number of statistical methods (percentages, arithmetic mean, confirmatory factor analysis, standard deviation, coefficient of difference, simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, coefficient Determination (R2), path analysis, relative importance, Spearman correlation factor) using (SPSS v.23) and (AMOS v.23) and (Excel 2013) programs.

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