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The Role of the Principles of Total Quality Management in Improving the Quality of Health Service: An Analytical Study in the Iraqi Ministry of Health

Dr. Raad Mohammed Mezban

Volume: 13 Issue: 1 2023


The current research aims to provide a theoretical and practical framework linking the requirements of total quality management and the dimensions of health service quality, as well as spreading awareness of the concepts of total quality management and customer satisfaction in an Iraqi service environment, represented by the Iraqi Ministry of Health by describing the variables of the study and diagnosing those variables represented by principles (Total quality management and dimensions of health service quality) in the ministry under study, and for the purpose of collecting data, a questionnaire was designed from two axes. Tangibility, response, sympathy, dependability, and that through the ready-made measures for both variables, and for the purpose of analyzing the data, the statistical program (SPSS V.26) was used by relying on the statistical tools represented by arithmetic mean, standard deviation, simple linear regression, regression multi-linearity, Kropenach alpha, relative importance, and a number of conclusions were reached, the most important of which is the presence of positive indicators that the requirements of general quality management. All matters are necessary to achieve the quality of service in the ministry under study. Accordingly, the researcher recommends the Ministry of Health to pay attention to the requirements of total quality management, as these requirements are necessary to achieve the quality of health service in the ministry, and thus achieve patient and employee satisfaction.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i01.032

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