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Impact of Readiness for Change on Organizational Architecture (Analytical Research)

Marwan Farhan Fleih, Hossam Ali Muheibes

Volume: 13 Issue: 1 2023


The current research aims to identify the availability of readiness for change and its impact on the organizational architecture, and includes the dimensions of readiness for change (feeling, intention, perception), while the organizational architecture dimensions included (organizational structure, organizational culture, technology, strategy) and applied the research in the Directorate of Training and Qualification Being the subject of the research application, and based on a sample of the middle leaders in the directorate of the directors of divisions and departments consisting of (104) individuals, as the (descriptive - analytical) approach was adopted in completing and completing the research and the basis for surveying the opinions of the sample through the questionnaire method based on the approved scientific standards In previous studies, a series of tests were conducted to ensure their validity and ability to examine the opinions of the research sample, as well as the use of a set of statistical methods such as (arithmetical mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient, simple and multiple linear regression) through the statistical package (SPSS V 28, Excel 2010), to show the most prominent result that there is an effect of readiness for change in the organizational architecture in general and through the dimensions of readiness for change (feeling and intention) To direct the development of architecture in the Directorate.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i01.037

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