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Food Security in Iraq in Light of the Repercussions of the Russian-Ukraine War Crisis

Dr. Jaafar Baqir Al-Dujaili

Volume: 13 Issue: 2 2023


Any state or society must have a system of national security in all its dimensions, as it is part of the sovereignty of the state in protecting its citizens and the land and achieving the meanings and conditions of sovereignty. Food security is one of those important dimensions because it relates to the requirements of living and the sustainability of life. It is natural that countries integrate and exchange goods and services in proportion to the need and economic relations. There are many wars and battles that caused problems for the food crisis and economic stability, famine and killing people was part of it, But in fact, the occurrence of any crisis, disaster, or war will be reflected in the flow of goods and services, or may lead to their scarcity and consequently an increase in their prices will be noticed, which confuses the food security system, especially in a country whose needs are most imported, and the decline in the level of the agricultural and industrial sector is significant adding to that the Russian-Ukraine war, all those factors created a shock to the whole world about some products and energy, Iraq is one of those countries, especially after 2003. There is no longer an economic policy and no plans for the development of various sectors. Therefore, the study aims to analyze the reality of what war is and its roots, with a description of the dimensions of food security and how Iraq can promote the food security system and its dimensions and the development of related sectors. Therefore, the study reached a serious conclusion that Iraq is a country that lies in a gap and weakness in the agricultural and industrial sectors, and the lack of local production that enhances the political and economic capacity, which enables it to take decisions in development and running the country.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i02.002

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