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Analysis of Charles Dickens Great Expectations, Based on Reader-Response Theory

Seba Fadhel Abas

Volume: 13 Issue: 2 2023


This article illustrates and explains Charles Dicken’s novel, Great Expectations, based on reader- narration, themes, techniques, figures of speech, language, and characters. The article applies reader-response theory response theory. It delves into the novel’s core to discover its aesthetic elements, decorations, style of in the novel’s analysis since this theory sheds light on the interaction and involvement of readers with the text and its elements. Reader-response theory enables readers to be part of the narration and the literary work. As a result, this paper clarifies the impact of readers on literary texts; it shows how readers deal with the text during their journey of analysis. This paper demonstrates the influence of Great Expectations as a literary masterpiece of Charles Dickens on the readers who read and analyze its meanings and lessons. The article also clearly looks for an identity for the reader and gives him a real chance to explore the text with more than one concept. This paper includes a lot of information about the Victorian age images and acts and their influence on the characters and readers. The article begins with an introduction regarding the novel and its author. Also, it refers to the reader-response theory, its definition, its qualities, and its influence on the reader. The body paragraphs are great pieces where the novel explores its themes, language, stylistic devices, and techniques. The body paragraphs explain how these aesthetic images clarify the book and how these literary devices can influence readers. The conclusion is more precise; an overview of the things must be seen as good points to realize while studying with a grand finale when the writer summarizes the novel with its aim and function.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i02.003

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