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Subject Review: The Effectiveness Of Integrating E-Learning On Learning Outcome And Student Perceptions In Tertiary Education

Zena Abdulameer Mohammad

Volume: 13 Issue: 2 2023


The literature shows conflicting outcomes, making it difficult to determine how e-learning affects the performance of students in higher education. The effect of e-learning was studied and data has been gathered with the utilization of a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, especially in relation to students' academic achievements and perceptions in higher education, according to literature review that has been drawn from articles published in the past two decades (2000-2020). The development of a sense of community in the on-line environment has been identified to be one of the main difficulties in e-learning education across this whole review. In order to create an efficient online learning community, it could be claimed that both instructors and students must work together to engage in extensive collaboration and engagement with both students and one another. Since educational institutions must be ready for the sustainability regarding e-learning adoption, the presented work argues that there is a requirement for better identification and knowledge of this. The results revealed that a university's competency and capacity for meeting e-learning demand stemmed from actual requirement for the implementation of e-learning for specific academic environment hinged on sustainability related to implementation of e-learning. In addition to that, each university's local culture influenced and supported the implementation process, where the inhibiting and driving variables had a substantial effect on the continuity and outcome of the process. The range of digital tools that can successfully encourage social interactions as well as the learning community need to be further researched. With regard to higher education, there is an increase in innovative assessments of variables to assess learning results in the settings of digital learning. Researchers should carefully evaluate their study designs and study subjects in digital learning environments for this reason, as well as how to handle measuring learning.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i02.006

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