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The Role of Human Resource Quality In Achieving Competitive Advantage: Analytical Research in the General Company for Vegetable Oil Industry

Dr. Mohammed Yasin Rahim, Hussein Jawad Kazem

Volume: 13 Issue: 2 2023


The research aims to demonstrate the relationship between its main variables, the quality of human resources with its dimensions (quality of recruitment and appointment, quality of training and development, quality of compensation, quality of employee relations) as an independent variable and competitive advantage with its sub-dimensions (cost, quality, creativity, excellence, knowledge) as a dependent variable. To know this and to show the desired results, the research was applied to the community of the Ministry of Industry (the General Company for the Vegetable Oil Industry), and distributed to a sample of (118) individuals. And the level of the relationship in terms of connection and influence to benefit from it by generalizing the results on the field of research (the General Company for the Vegetable Oil Industry). The researcher used the questionnaire as a main tool for collecting data and information that took place within the General Company for the Vegetable Oil Industry. The main and sub-research hypotheses on which the research was based and related to correlations and influence were tested. To answer the research questions and reach the goals to be achieved, many statistical methods were used such as coefficient Simple correlation, linear regression, arithmetic mean, and standard deviation, in addition to the use of some figures and illustrations to clarify and demonstrate the relationship between research variables and their sub-dimensions. The research reached a set of conclusions, including the existence of a correlation between the quality of human resources and the competitive advantage of significant significance between the research variables, with a significant effect between its variables, and this confirms that the results obtained were close to what was assumed by the research hypotheses.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i02.016

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