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The Arabic language and the Impact of the Holy Qur’an on Its Prosperity and Preservation

Prof Dr Mohammed Mawlood Khalaf

Volume: 13 Issue: 2 2023


This research attempts to look at the emergence of the Arabic language through the stages of work until its completion in terms of its linguistic systems and structures, and then the levels of communication with the recipient are interconnected, and the relationship of this emergence and integration in buildings with the revelation of the Holy Qur'an to present this blessed divine text to the parquet as a whole that is a linguistic model for it. Until the challenged the Arabs, who are the people of the language, and then a witness and evidence of the greatness of the Arabic language and its high status among the languages of the world. The status of the Holy Qur'an among Arabs and other nations has had a great impact on their great care for this language and their eagerness to serve it. Semitic for linguistic and grammatical studies throughout the ages, the scholar of Islam presented the best literary and scientific products in a sound Arabic language, based on their strong love for this language, and their great concern that these monuments remain immortal in the language of the Holy Qur'an.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i02.022

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