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Volume: 3 Issue: 3 2013


The Global Age can be understood as an Age of Interdisciplinary, as complex global problems increasingly require interdisciplinary approaches. Interdisciplinary is a relatively nascent curricular approach yet one increasingly needed in the field of education. This study advocates postsecondary interdisciplinary teacher education reforms that effectively integrate discipline-based coursework with interdisciplinary courses to prepare future teachers to utilize interdisciplinary curricular approaches in P-12 education. It conceptualizes interdisciplinary teacher education based on a constructivist theoretical approach indebted primarily to State, and focuses especially on literature in the field of interdisciplinary studies, published in the India since 1997. The confluence of interdisciplinary and constructivist approaches, as well as interdisciplinary and disciplinarily are examined. Existing interdisciplinary teacher education programs, interdisciplinary teaching strategies, and curricular designs are explored. This study provides a conceptual model that addresses teacher professionalization, interdisciplinary vision, global consciousness and wideawakeness, and the democratic dimensions of interdisciplinary teacher education. It conceptualizes critical and socioculturally relevant education, learning communities, student-centered education, novice and non-specialist interdisciplinary inquiry, Deweyan cognitive disequilibrium, interdisciplinary research questions and questioning skills, interdisciplinary integration, and alternative academic structures and resources in interdisciplinary teacher education

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