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Iraqi Society (2015-2021) A Study in Political Sociology

Dr. Sundus Sarhan Ahmed

Volume: 13 Issue: 2 2023


Purpose of the research is to study Iraqi society (2015-2021) from the entrance of political sociology, so that the research problem is represented in the extent of the repercussions of social and political events, stations, and experiences (extremism and terrorism represented in the organization of ISIS, the popular protests (2015-2019), the victory over ISIS in 2017, and the referendum On the independence of the Kurdistan region and its separation from the Iraqi state, up to the electoral processes (2018-2021), which the Iraqi society went through on the political and social reality in the Iraqi state by adopting a study of political sociology in those events, stations and experiences, as well as standing on the outcomes of those events. And the stations and experiences in the Iraqi society socially and politically, and their repercussions on the democratic political system and the directions of the political process and standing on the role of administrative and financial corruption in the emergence of social and political protests and their reflection on political and social stability. The Iraqi represents the political, social and security factors that increase the internal complexity and have a strong and important impact on the Iraqi political and social arena in the Iraqi scene, so that the research recommends adopting a national program for political socialization that contributes to transforming and unifying the strengths of the Iraqi political society, and turning them into points of support in the change and unification of the political orientation And social, and generating a social and political environment suitable for building a state of law, institutions and the rule of law to build a new society and adopting the democratic political system that the Iraqi society seeks, as it adopts justice so that the components of Iraqi society take their social, cultural and political role in building properly and ultimately leads to the achievement of development objectives.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i02.028

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