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Analytical Study of Time and Place in Jafar Modares Sadeghi's Novel Gavakhuni and Lotfia Al-Dulimi's Man Yareth al-Fardous

Abbas Dawi Yoosuf, Madyan Abdulazeez Rashid

Volume: 13 Issue: 2 2023


Novel is actually an art genre related to time-space. Talking about place inevitably evokes time. This is because these two elements complement each other. Time and place constitute the space of the story. Because the action of the characters in the story takes place in a certain space and in the context of time. This research aims to investigate the two elements of time and place in the novel Gavkhuni by Jafar Modares Sadeghi and the novel Man Yareth al-Fardous by Lotfia Al-Dulimi. The method that the research has adopted is an analytical-descriptive-comparative method that analyzes the two elements of time and place in two works. The author of the research tries to show the importance of these two elements in the aforementioned two works. The events of the two works take place in the present and the past in terms of time, which shows the connection of these two works in terms of time. Although the novel "Gawkhuni" contains a pessimistic view that is the result of the author's life of suffering and hardship; But he uses open and spacious places to express his lost freedom in real life. However, the author of the novel " Man yareth al-Fardous " has found remarkable mastery and excellence in moving between the places of the novel and describing the places, characters, and cities.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i02.030

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