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Dr. Govind Ram Charora

Volume: 4 Issue: 3 2014


The poet is the creator of the immense poetic world. It structures the infinite poetic world according to its interest with its extraterrestrial description. The intention of the above statement of Acharya Anandvardhan is to render the extraordinary importance of the poet. It does not mean that the poet is a resident of Kalpana Lok and he has nothing to do with the environment in which he is living. There may be exaggeration in the description of the poet, but the details of the events of the country remain incidentally in it. If the description of the events is mainly implied, then the importance of that poem increases from the historical point of view, or the poet presents the exact details of the events related to a great man of his contemporary, or by reducing the eternal values of life in the life of great men, the nation If it contributes to the cultural upliftment of India, then that poetry acquires the name of historical poetry.

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