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Dr. T. Raja Sekhar

Volume: 3 Issue: 3 2013


The present article provides an overview of language testing and assessment as a discipline rooted in applied linguistics, with a focus on English language learners and test-takers. It highlights the role of various professionals involved in language testing, including curriculum and syllabus designers, test designers, textbook authors, teachers, and researchers in English language teaching-learning-testing. The theoretical framework for language testing and evaluation is drawn from theories in applied linguistics, particularly Canale and Swain's model (1980) and educational measurement-based test theory as proposed by Bachman (1990). These theories form the basis for designing and conducting language tests to assess learners' language proficiency and performance. The passage also discusses the historical shift in terminology from "testing" to "assessment." Initially, the focus was on conducting tests to measure learners' language abilities, but over time, the concept expanded to include a broader view of assessment, encompassing various methods and tools used to evaluate language skills. This includes large-scale standardized tests like TOEFL and IELTS, as well as the classroom-based assessments created by teachers. The global trend in language assessment is towards integrating "assessment of learning" and "assessment for learning." "Assessment of learning" refers to evaluating learners' language proficiency after learning has taken place to determine the extent of their learning achievements. On the other hand, "assessment for learning" involves ongoing assessment practices that help teachers and students understand their progress and identify areas for improvement during the learning process.

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