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Impact of Chaos Theory on the Application of Innovation: An Analytical Research for The Opinions of a Sample of the Leaders of National Security Advisory

Alaa Abdulhussein Kzar, Dr. Alyaa Jassim Mohammed

Volume: 13 Issue: 3 2023


The purpose of current research to investigate the influence of chaos theory on application of innovation, as it is the top of the pyramid in the security strategic decision-making, as the place of application was the National Security Advisory being within the structure of the security system of the Iraqi government, as the importance of the research stemmed from building a theoretical framework for the theory of chaos, And an intellectual contribution that’s made at field of strategic management practices, in order to bridging of perception and awareness gaps from the perspective of culture, leadership capabilities, and wisdom in disposing of resources and according to priorities when achieving the set goals, as well as the method of applying innovative ideas concerned with developing creative directions and in a proactive manner, and on this basis the research problem was formulated With a main question (Was the National Security Adviser able to employ chaos theory in applying innovation to develop creativity?), so that the research adopts the descriptive, exploratory approach, so the research community was (144), while the research sample was (133) from the leaders of the National Security Adviser (Deputy National Security Adviser And general managers, assistant general managers, consultants, department managers, division managers), to distribute to them (the questionnaire), which was designed based on a number of reliable international standards for its variables, to analyze its data by adopting the two statistical packages (SPSS V.28 & AMOS V. 25), to conclude Analyzing its data to identify the practices of the National Security Adviser in improving investment opportunities for application of innovation to reach the development of adoptions of organizational creativity, with the adoption of the dimensions of the strange attractor / the butterfly effect, the point of bifurcation, feedback, and self-organization, as dimensions of chaos theory. To improve innovation application practices. Here, you can find high quality replica watches with affordable price.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i03.016

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