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Two Battles of Al – Taff ( 61 A.H / 680 A.D ) and Fakh (169 A.H / 768 A.D): A Study in Similarity and Difference Look

Ameer Jawad Khadhim Ali Beage

Volume: 13 Issue: 3 2023


The great similarity between the battle of al-Taff, which took place during the Umayyad era (41-132 AH / 661-749 AD), and which took place between the camp of truth and the tolerant principles and values of the true Islamic religion, led by the martyred grandson of Imam Hussein bin Ali (peace be upon them both), against the camp of falsehood led by the ruler. The Umayyad Yazid bin Muawiya, and this incident took place in the year (61 AH / 680 AD) and the incident of Fakh, which occurred during the Abbasid era (132-656 AH / 749-1258 AD), and this incident took place in the year (169 AH / 768 AD) under the leadership of its rebel and martyr Al-Hussein Ben Ali (may God be pleased with him) against the camp of al-Hadi al-Hakim al-Abbasid. This resemblance was mentioned by some of the twelve infallible imams (peace be upon them) who were contemporaneous with or who were close to this great event, which was similar to the incident of At-Taff, and it is what allowed me and other researchers to make a comparison between the two incidents due to the great similarity in many of their events, even if they differed in aspects. Less than the similarities, as there are also differences between them that distinguished between these two painful events, and these similarities and differences are what made my academic scientific study this in my modest and tagged research “The two events of Tuff (61 AH / 680 AD) and Fakh (169 / 768 AD) a study in similarities And the difference."

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i03.019

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