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The Effect of Patterns of Strategic Thinking in Strengthening the Elements of Strategic Alliances A Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Private Bank Administrations in Iraq

Nabeel Qasim Enad

Volume: 13 Issue: 3 2023


The research aims to study the impact of the transition of traditional banking operations to operations based on the policies and approaches of strategic alliances and their role in improving the performance of performance indicators for the research sample banks. Strategic thinking is far away or reluctant to adopt one of the most important strategic options in place in order to face challenges, whether it is to bridge a specific gap, or treat weaknesses, or to enhance strengths, or to face competitive positions, and that option is represented in the formation of strategic alliances through preparing and preparing the ingredients This option is a critical element in achieving the success of organizations, and the research sample was represented in 106 observations in a number of private banks that have experiences in partnership operations with Arab and international banks, whose opinions were surveyed through a questionnaire prepared for this purpose, as the opinions were analyzed through appropriate statistical tools. Among the most important conclusions, it was found that many banking departments are concerned about the aspects of the costs of dealing with organizations that They are allied with, such as the costs of those bodies and the costs of modifying the organizational structures of Iraqi banks, which may be difficult for the administrations in many cases to fulfill the obligations in this framework. And the semi-official (the Federation of Private Banks) to urge the line towards activating the actual and distinct strategic alliance policies through which it is possible to raise the level of performance of Iraqi banks that have suffered for long periods of a state of isolation from the variables of the banking environment.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i03.030

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