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Communications Methods of War Media in Confronting ISIS's Media during the Battles for Liberation: Survey of the Activities of the Directorate of Public Information of the Popular Mobilization Authority for the Duration from (1/8/2014) to (1/8/2017)

Majeed Abboud Munis Al-Hasani, Asyah Khdhair Ali

Vol 13, Issue 5, Special Issue 2023


The research aims to know about the role of the war media in confronting the media of the extremist "ISIS" organization, through a survey study of the activities of the General Information Directorate of the Popular Mobilization Authority, which contributed greatly to revealing its plans aimed at crystallizing extremist ideology in the areas that were under its control. In order to develop a communication strategy that addresses the negative psychological effects left by extremist groups in the areas they controlled. This research uses the descriptive approach by adopting the survey study of all communication activities provided by the General Information Directorate of the Popular Mobilization Authority in the face of these media campaigns of ISIS by managing various methods and scientific methods. The method of comprehensive inventory of all activities was adopted, tabulated, classified and described in terms of the functions of the military media, and the limits of the field research were represented by the period from (1/8/2014 to 1/8/2017). From the website, you can know more detailed information about fine and best uk fake rolex.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i05.005

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