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Govind Deshmukh

Volume: 3 Issue: 1 2013


The theological idea of Bhakti entails the act of devoted submission to a personally conceived supreme deity with the ultimate goal of achieving redemption. The genesis of this philosophy can be attributed to both the Brahmanical and Buddhist traditions of ancient India, as well as to several scriptures, including the Gita. However, it was during the period between the 7th and 10th century in South India that the concept of bhakti transformed from a simple religious philosophy into a widespread movement characterized by religious egalitarianism and extensive social involvement. The movement, led by renowned saint-poets, reached its pinnacle in the 10th century, subsequently experiencing a period of decline. However, the movement underwent a transformation into a philosophical and intellectual entity, initiated by a succession of wandering scholars or acharyas, commencing with Ramanuja in the 11th century. The emergence of the Sultanate of Delhi occurred concurrently with other socio-religious movements that were prevalent in different regions of the kingdom, which were influenced by the principles of bhakti. The aforementioned movements have been interpreted as a resurgence of the historical South Indian bhakti movement. However, it is important to note that each subsequent movement have its own distinct historical background and unique characteristics. This paper focuses on the Bhakti philosophy rising to the extent of taking the shape of a Social Movement in South India and the consequences thereupon.

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