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The Role of Banking Compliance to Reduce Risks to Run

Hind Hatem Ali

Volume: 13 Issue: 4 2023


The importance of operational risks increases with the increase in technological development, the development of banking operations, the extent of banking compliance, and the attempt of many banks to achieve quality in banking services. And the extent of the position occupied by Iraqi banks for banking compliance and reducing operational risks. The Basel Committee (2) paid its attention to operational risks and the interest of international banks to follow policies that work to ensure banking compliance and cover operational risks, because of its role in reducing losses due to increased costs and achieving an increase in profits. Realizing and working to confront the best possible and traditional methods, that some risks Operational problems may cost banks huge losses resulting from non-compliance with the regulations and laws issued by the Central Bank. There are also challenges facing banks in light of the growing operational risks. The research hypothesis is that banking compliance has an effective and positive role in reducing operational risks, which are represented by technological, strategic, environmental, and political risks, and administrative and financial corruption. The research aims to: determine the extent of operational risks, identify their procedures, and confront those procedures in banks through banking compliance. Determine the relationship of operational risks to banks’ performance, determine the size and scope of Chilean risks, and the mechanism for calculating capital in accordance with the decisions of the Basel Committee (2). It also shed light on the decisions of the Basel Committee and revealed the dusty effects on their application in financial institutions. The research came out with several conclusions and recommendations, the most important of which is that most banks use a method to evaluate operational risks in a theoretical manner, and it lacks the practical aspect and lack of procedures to reduce them. Operational risks affect the profitability and reputation of banks and the large number of losses they bear. Therefore, advanced methods are used to measure banking operational risks for the purpose of managing these risks and evaluating capital adequacy after obtaining the approval of the Central Bank of Iraq. It pays attention to providing an amount of cash in banks and additional balances such as gold coins and foreign currencies for the purpose of meeting its financial obligations.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i04.003

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