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Impact of Strategic Orientation on Aility Management, Descriptive Analytical Research in the Iraqi Ministry of Education

Abdul Hakim Daham Khalaf, Dr. Salah Abdul Qader Ahmed

Volume: 13 Issue: 4 2023


The research aimed to test the impact of the strategic orientation of the leadership of the Ministry of Education in improving Agility management, as the research problem was crystallized by the main question (were the leaders of the Ministry of Education able to employ the strategic orientation in improving Agility management?), as well as identifying the dimensions that the education organizations under study adopt and practice for each The variable (strategic orientation and agile management) and its impact on the level of general performance, in addition to identifying the most interconnected ones. The research sample included (215) observations in the various education directorates. The research concluded with the most prominent result that concerns the traditional nature of the ministry and its consideration as a government institution. The margin of flexibility in formulating a message the organization is considered a minor margin, which is normal, since the Ministry is subject, in all its strategic performance, to government instructions. One of the most important recommendations was the necessity of working to spread the culture of management and lean production through quality circles, through bulletins, explanatory media, periodic meetings and workshops, and working to clarify terminology that many employees find strange. Such as Six Sigma, 5S, zero defects, etc., as a person is an enemy of what he does not know, and therefore the first step in effective application processes lies in adopting the correct mechanisms to spread the culture.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37648/ijrssh.v13i04.005

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