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A.Vasantha Kumari

Volume: 5 Issue: 2 2015


Learning a second language means to get linguistic competence in SL normally done by developing the four basic linguistic skill (LSRW). In language pedagogy translation or translating has not yet been accepted as a skill to be developed along with the four basic ones. But in SL learning translating as a process works at a psychological level So the role of translating in SL learning needs an independent study distinct from the study of translation as used in the translation of a text / discourse. The discussion over the theory of translation, at present, is primarily carried on treating translation as an art used or involved in translating a text from one language to another, e.g. from the source language (SL) to the target language (TL). But my point of discussion over translation here is different in a way as it looks at it from the point of view of SL learning process in which almost the translation of same process functions for a different purpose; this is not to decode and recode, but to facilitate learner gain Moreover, competence in SL/TL. of this the theory of aspect translation to be discussed in the present paper, finds its basis in the existing theory of language and second language learning.

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