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A Study of Historical Background of the Natha Sampradaya in Karnataka

Chandrakanth Bhat

Volume: 14 Issue: 2 2024


Shiva has some special characters. Kundaleni's power is in a latent condition in our body. Shiva lives in our Sahassarara (head), and joining Kundalini with Sahassarara is considered salvation in the Natha Sampradaya. The detachment and union of two philosophies or energy is elicited through the philosophy, of yoga. Trimbakeshwara is the sacred place of Nathas found on the foothill of Kaulageri (hill). Here both Kaula monks and yogeni live together. The above evidence proves how the Natha, Kaula, and Shaktha fusion occurred. The use of Panchamakara is the endeavour and salient feature of tantric sects.

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