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Mrs Jyotsana

Volume: 3 Issue: 4 2013


In India gender inequality limited access to healthcare facilities and economic resources are greatly facilitating the spread of reproductive tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases for populations living under impoverished conditions. While the focus on women’s reproductive health is usually directed towards pregnancy, childbirth and contraception, these issues though important can also divert the attention away from other aspects of women’s health, including the way in which gender influences the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and reproductive tract infections (RTIs). Recent studies have begun to document the association between gender, impoverished environment and the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases.Addressing women’s reproductive health in totality is important for understanding gender issues as they reveal how gender norms affect reproductive health services, differential exposure to risk, access to services and their benefits, to information, and to resources. In this paper, we discuss approaches for developing suitable gender-sensitive strategies in reproductive healthcare including the impact of RTIs and STDs on women’s health, for populations living under impoverished conditions. With the help of primary data and a review of existing literature, we posit that reproductive health services need to address gender biases and obstacles in their healthcare delivery, and recognize that men and women’s needs often differ and find ways to meet those needs differentially. The basic source for empowerment of women in a society is to provide them with access to information, education, and skills. We conclude by suggesting strategies that seek to balance the gender equation and encourage women’s participation in the decision making process.

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