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Mr. Pardeep Kumar

Volume: 4 Issue: 2 2014


The natural interdependency exists all the way across the known history of the living beings! So is the English-Poetry not an exceptional. Evaluator extensive literature survey and significant and comprehensive studies carried out here so far in this noble area of English-Poetry highlights upon its technological aspects and concerns. Critical phase of this study was realized at the time of preliminary investigation when handling the huge amount of information based data in their various forms and kinds was dealt with and in. Technological impacts on literature includes spirit of enquiry, impulse of creativity, desire of innovations and novelty to do, insatiable thirst for knowledge-exploration through universally accepted methodologies. The direct or indirect driving forces in terms of changes in the environmental scenario, advancements in science and technological views, man’s attitude and temper are key - pivotal elements considered for analysis presented here. This study addresses itself to the task of tracing the impact of science and technology on English literature, namely, the Neo-Classical, Romantic, Victorian and Modern and analyzing the nature, kind and effect of this impact – whether it is direction or oblique; positive or negative. The study also identifies various science and technology concepts, events or achievements to which the poets have reacted under its impact. We however, do not intend to go in for any detailed interpretation of the poems or for any elaborate examination of their theme. Our attempt is mainly to identify the science and technology element which influenced the poets and manifested itself in their poetic creations. To fulfill this aim, we examined anthologies of poems, biographies of poets, and history of science and technology. Socio-cultural specific developments in literature and real-time technological applications have imprinted deeply proved and justified impacts on the inbuilt thoughts of the colonial society of this globe. No doubt that might be considered as a need of the era for closed bond between Science and Technology, and Literature!

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