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Dr Rajni Bala

Volume: 4 Issue: 4 2014


In the present scenario, where globalization, privatization and liberalization are prevalent, there is an urgent need for new and different knowledge skills, values and varied patterns of life and work. It is essential to develop adaptive, flexible, independent and self-regulating learning processes. So that the teachers are able to learn, live and work in a globalize and complicated changed society therefore, there is an ongoing need for teachers to learn and adapt, have new subject knowledge and utilize new pedagogical approaches throughout their career. We know that learning is a lifelong process. Its objective is to develop further and sustain a highly competent, committed workplace of enquiring professional who focus on the devoted possible outcomes for children and young people. Teachers should enhance their knowledge, understanding and skills. Teachers should explore and challenge their thinking and consider how this creates an impact on their teaching and learning of the students. This career long professional learning guidance and the framework for educational leadership are underpinned by effective professional review and development and professional updated processes. Teachers are working in a dynamic and complicated society. There is an urgent need that teachers should be critically informed, have professional values and knowledge and take actions that ensure a positive impact on learners and learning. Teachers therefore need opportunities to develop in order to address these changing demands. In the 21st century, teachers have an ongoing commitment to maintain their professional expertise and recognize themselves as learners. Teachers are supposed to boost their knowledge, skills of teaching and learning with new inventions in such areas. The main objectives are; to know how teachers can become good teachers, who measures the quality of professional development for teachers and what counts as quality professional development for teachers and what counts as quality professional development for teachers.

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