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Kanhaiya Kumar Sinha

Volume: 4 Issue: 4 2014


This paper attempts to present a brief introduction to Cognitive Linguistics. In day to day life the practice of cognitive linguistics is very common, however, we do not recognise it because we do not know its name. We perceive anything visually and the language of others first and then the mind forms the concept and accordingly we behave. Cognitive Linguistics is a very recent development in the field of linguistics. Earlier, it was one of the disciplines of Psychology. It was Noam Chomsky who initiated the cognitive turn in linguistics, in his books “Syntactic Structure “(1957), and “Aspect of the Theory of Syntax” (1965). He argued that it is insufficient simply to regard a grammar as a device that generates grammatical sentences, the grammar has to exist in the minds of speakers. The aim of this paper is to generate interest in the minds of the readers about Cognitive Linguistics. This paper also deals with the concerns of cognitive linguistics, its areas of study, its goals, and its relations with the other branches of linguistics

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