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Irene Lalruatkimi

Volume: 5 Issue: 4 2015


The present study is about the electronic media in the state Mizoram. Mizoram, a small state situated in the far flung corner of the country with a hilly terrain is no longer left behind in terms of electronic media with the rest of the country and the world at large. It is now equipped with all types of electronic media like Radio, FM Radio, Television, Cable TV and films. Mizoram has witnessed a great progressive progress in the field of electronic media within a short span of time. The study is based on both historical and exploratory research; the data was analyzed from all the available information collected. The information collected was collated, and interpreted to bring out the objective of the study in its best. Electronic media has proved its strength and lots of development and positive changes have taken place. The quality of programmes is rated fairly good in spite of limited facilities in terms of equipments and training facilities and opportunities for exposure for media personnel for professional training. Lack of professionalism and ignorance of various codes of ethics are regarded as the real issues in electronic media. There exists strong belief in the great future of electronic media in Mizoram.

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