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K.K. Menlibayeva, Prof. L.L.Karp, Prof. A.Zh.Sharbakov, Prof. A.A.Dubitski, Prof. M.T.Abilmazhinov

Volume: 5 Issue: 4 2015


Quality of life (QoL) is a concept that characterizes the material and spiritual comfort of human existence. In the medical sense, the term is associated with health. In Kazakhstan, as in many other countries is happening a process of increasing of the part of population in retirement age. The objective of this study was to assess the QoL of retired population in Kazakhstan. Current data acquisition was realized by questionnaire respondents by SF-36 questionnaire. The survey covered 203 respondents. The study population was formulated by the method of random selection. Statistical analysis of data was performed using methods of variation statistics. All indicators of scales SF-36 were above average. General indicators: physical (PH) and mental (MH) well-being were assessed as not large less than average (42.6/43.2). The male population of the retirement age had better scores on all eight SF-36 scales compared to the female population. Indicators of QoL of working population were assessed higher than indicators of nonworking population. Also, it was found that presence of job positively influences to the QoL of retired population.

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