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Nandita Bagchi

Volume: 6 Issue: 1 2016


This paper is a critique of the mainstream methodology adopted by scientific research. The epistemology of science construes science as an insular, autonomous pursuit. Its insularity from the society at large is expected to enhance the objectivity of scientific reports of reality. The traditional methodology of science is devised to fortify scientific objectivity. Kuhn, Hanson, Lakatos- among others, raise questions about the aperspectivity of scientific claims. Curiously, Kuhn highlights the role the sociology of the scientific community in the genesis of scientific knowledge, but fails to challenge traditional methodology, so apathetic to sociology of knowledge. The paper brings to light pernicious bias entrenched in science communities. It recommends socialization, democratization of methodology as an anecdote to science's results being vitiated by Eurocentrism, androcentrism.

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