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Manjula M, Dr.T. Senthil Prakash , Ms.Ramya Raveendran

Volume: 6 Issue: 1 2016


Message authentication is one of the most effective ways to thwart unauthorized and corrupted messages from being forwarded in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Message authentication schemes have been developed, based on either symmetric-key cryptosystems or public-key cryptosystems which, have the limitations of high computational and communication overhead in addition to lack of scalability and resilience to node compromise attacks. To address these issues, a polynomial-based scheme was recently introduced. However, this scheme and its extensions all have the weakness of a built-in threshold determined by the degree of the polynomial when the number of messages transmitted is larger than this threshold, the adversary can fully recover the polynomial. While enabling intermediate Nodes authentication, proposed scheme allows any node to transmit an unlimited number of messages without suffering the threshold problem. In addition, this scheme can also provide message source privacy. Both theoretical analysis and simulation results demonstrate that proposed scheme is more efficient than the polynomial-based approach in terms of computational and communication overhead under comparable security levels while providing message source privacy.

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