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Dr. S. M. Makvana

Volume: 2 Issue: 1 2012


The Present study aims to investigate the effect of “Self-confidence with reference to types of School, types of area and types of sex among Secondary and Higher Secondary School students”. Self-confidence is a central concept which is used in everyday expression. While talking about the self, we often used to express „ I „ and „ me‟. There are some Major steps of self confidence as well as for preparing journey to the world of success, building knowledge and accelerating towards success. The past researchers namely R R Verma, P K Goswami, K Sharma, and Chandraprabha Jain have applied the self-confidence test to the physically handicapped students. And in their study it was found that Education has played a Significant role in the development of self confidence(Indian Journals of Psychometric and Education 2006). The present researcher has used three Independent variables namely (A) Types of institution, (B) types of areas (urban and rural areas) and (C) types of sex (Male and Female) to examine the effect on Self-confidence. The Self-confidence inventory constructed by D.D.Pandey (1971), it was administered to obtain data & to check the effect of Types of institution, types of areas and types of sex on self-confidence. A sample of 240 respondent‟s viz. Male and female was selected from two types of institutions namely Secondary and higher secondary schools situated at Anand district. Hence, this gives rise to a 2 x 2 x 2 factorial research design for the analysis of the data. ANOVA was resorted in order to get the results. The Urbn, Male, students of higher secondary, are more developed with respect to self confidence compared to Rural, female, secondary school students. The other factors like time, duration, motivation-(Aggression),proficiency,Temperament, Aptitude,competence and achievement are also responsible for developing self confidence, if appropriate environment is created.

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