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Daniel Kofi Brako

Volume: 6 Issue: 4 2016


Aboakyir festival is considered as one of the major festivals in Ghana, celebrated by the people of Effutus, Winneba. The festival is viewed as aesthetically driven with its stunning and superlative spectacle. Considering the several art forms used in the celebration, it can be likened to what some philosophers consider in describing the beauty of an object in the aesthetic scholarship. The study explores some aesthetic aspects of the festival through the visual and performance arts. Employing the observation method, the research gathered data through documentation and interviews. Purposive sampling technique was used in selecting interviewees to substantiate my findings. The paper discloses that Aboakyir festival has some aesthetic perceptions that are exposed through body painting, body art, costumes and performance of libation in its celebration. It infuses some form of emotions among the indigenes of Effutus, likewise the travellers or sightseers who witness the festival each year. Finally, the unique form of aesthetics enable to project our culture and heritage globally.

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