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Ms. Arti Panshekar

Volume: 7 Issue: 2 2017


Crop combination technique provides a base for agricultural regionalization.It is a statistical method by which share of area under different crops and its proportion to the total area sown under different crops are ranked in an ascending order to understand and analyse the cropping pattern and diversification of crops in a given area unit at agiven point of time. It is beneficial for planning and development of agriculture.Although little encouragement is given to agricultural sectorin Goa due to other predominant economic activities such as mining and tourism but, the existing potentiality of the region can make the economy of Goa stronger by advancement in agriculture.Therefore government should take a keen interest to develop agriculture by agricultural land use planning. In the present paper crop combinationregions are identified for years 2006-07 and 2010-11 for comprehensive and clear understanding of the changing cropping pattern inGoa.The delineation of agricultural regions of Goa is carried out by using Weaver’s method.The crop combination of Goa varies from 3 to 6 crops for its all areal units.

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