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Dr. Priyamvada Mishra

Volume: 7 Issue: 2 2017


I start with the proposition: A normal middle class family would never send their children to a government school, but would manage all odds to secure their seat in a government college. Why this duality of standards when the service provider is the same. This is a reality! The base of the pyramid and the future of the nation depends on the primary education (as it includes majority student population,) as we move up the ladder, it tapers, i.e. very less number of students graduate towards higher education. Mahatma Gandhi had said that the basic primary education should be free and compulsory for all, but if anyone chooses to move up the ladder, the individual should take the sole burden of the finances. Right to Education Act, 2009 (Article 21 A) was implemented in order to ensure free and compulsory education for 6-14 years of age of children. This act has been added as a part of Right to Life (Article 21,) because it is argued to live a quality life, education is the first step towards the end. But the policy and its implementation are far from reality. According to CRY Report 2013, “Learning Blocks” following startling figures appeared: 11% schools did not have toilets 18% schools had separate toilets for girls 34% school toilets were in bad or unusable condition 20% schools did not have safe drinking water 23% schools did not have a blackboard 50% schools do not have water available near toilets 60% schools do not have a boundary wall, or it is damaged or under construction 74% schools do not have a library 63% schools do not have a playground Nearly 55% schools have electricity available for less than 4 hours 1 in 40 primary schools are conducted in open or tents. In this background, the paper would like to assess the path already traveled from 2009 & the path still to be taken!

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