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Angelina P. Resurreccion, Eunice Bernadette C. Sison, Evelyn Dagami

Volume: 7 Issue: 3 2017


Librarians are no longer regarded as keepers of information but as teachers of information. The role of the librarian should be as an educator, information analyst, producer of repackaging of information, knowledge manager, consultant, adviser etc. Preparing information literacy program specifically modules in book form or lectures in PowerPoint is one of the reference services of the librarians. Information literacy has varied terms such as: user education, library instruction, bibliographic instruction, information skills and its development and competencies. One of the objectives of this study is to assess the knowledge on library orientation and research skills of the students and how these could be enhanced by proposed Information Literacy modules in the Library Services of Rizal Technological University. This study is limited to the library experiences of 1,021 students-respondents of Rizal Technological University purposively selected from first year to fourth year level, Boni Campus for school year 2015-2016. The study used descriptive research method and researcher-made questionnaire in ascertaining the knowledge on library and research skills of the students. A library website is installed so that the information literacy module lectures in PowerPoint could be searched online or offline by the students and English 1 and Research teachers. Further, the information Literacy modules is composed of objectives, learning task/skills focus, teaching – learning experience and assessment evidence in the use of the modules on how to use general references namely, encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, pathfinder and Internet, use of APA format, and avoid plagiarism. The information literacy modules were evaluated with a mean of “most effective” by the students and “most effective’” by stakeholders (library staff, faculty members and administration). Search Catalog shows the RTU library collections in all library units and reading centers. Special Collection is STARBOOKS (Science and Technology, Academic & Research Based Openly Oriented Kiosk Station) which could be searched offline at RTU College of Engineering and information Technology (CEIT) Library only.

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